We have a new coordinator!
If you have any questions you can coutact our new coordinator Tyson Nissen!
A new section "Environmental Podcasts" started.
A new section "What can I do Guide" started.
A new article about Geothermal Power in Japan (and worldwide) is added!
27/Jan/2009 =VERY IMPORTANT=
BEE SIG needs a new coordinator! Our current coordinator, Salem Willard, has taken over as the leader of the BEE Japan 2009 Ride. Therefore, BEE SIG is in need of new management, a new coordinator to keep the ideas for BEE SIG fresh and up-to-date. If you're up to the task, please contact Salem.
The BEE Japan 2009 Ride is accpeting applications until the end of February (28th).

Click here to join BEESIGBEE SIG is the Environmental Special Interest Group of AJET. It is run by BEE Japan, a group of international members that promotes environmental awareness and green living in Japan...

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"What can I do? Guide" is a practical application guide to sustainable living in Japan. Please send us your creative ideas to add this Guide. (1/Mar/2009)

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We came across a great about Geothermal Power in Japan (and worldwide) done by a research group from Japan. (15/Feb/2009)

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The BEE Japan 2009 Ride is accpeting applications until the end of February (28th). (27/Jan/2009)

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A new topic "Alternative Farming" has started! Find info here to help yourself get ideas of how sustainable farming works, how you can learn from it, maybe visit some of these places.(10/Jul/2008)

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Check the new lesson plans "Earth Day and other environmentally-oriented Lesson Plans".(17/Apr/2008)

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